I was getting ready for my violin exam as my teacher Scarlet came through the door. She had an annoyed look on her face. She told me to sit down next to her on the cushion. “The exam teacher will not be coming in today. All she cares about is getting her plants watered” said as she rolled her eyes. “What?, I was so looking forward to it” I said is disbelief. I went and put my violin back in its case and called my mum to pick my up early. The sadness I went through that day.


The disco started at 8.00 pm until midnight. My friends and I were all in my room on our phones while we waited to leave. We were so bored that we left a little earlier than we should have. Once we arrived we saw giant flashes of light. Once the disco started we all started dancing like crazy. But when I saw the the flash it made me dance even more. Once the time had come to an end, everyone was sweating like cats and dogs on a rainy day.


Fireworks,lights and drinks people were all getting ready to start a new year. Kids voices were screaming while adults were chatting to one an other. then the countdown started, 3,2,1 “Happy new year’ everyone one shouted then all of a sudden the date changed on every bodies phone. Fireworks went blasting off into the air every color and in all different shapes and sizes.”New year, new begins” one person said as another said “New year, new me”. People went back to normal after the fireworks meaning the went on their phones texting each other.


Carousel Horses, they unleash from there pole and go onto there mainland areas of grass to enjoy the rest of the night with there friends after a hard working day of doing there jobs. They all get to gather together, socialize and enjoy a snack to eat. The next day the horses do the exact thing over again. If anyone were to catch the horses in action, good luck to them. Going to amusement parks can be fun for the whole family but once you leave what really happens?

Project Reflection

Project Refection

In this project I had achieved a lot I wanted to know about chuckwallas. I achieved collaboration work with my teammate and also worked on understanding the animal. The features the chuckwalla has helps it to survive in its environment like its tough feet to be able to walk on rocks. My teammate and I were learning about the animals key adaptions and learnt its features it needs to survive like its tail to scare away predators. We had to do a project including all the key adaptions the animal needs to survive in the dessert. On my rubric I had highlighted a lot of areas that my partner and I had archived. The overall level that I archived was the information report part of the project. We had everything archived and were happy with the results. We could have improved on the presentation part of the project considering I was absent the day before and was unable to practice. Our presentation could have been better but overall it was good for the trouble that had happened.

In this unit I had learnt lots about the chuckwalla through the internet’s sources. When making this project, the more you search the more you learn. The most important thing I have learn about the chuckwalla is that the most important adaption is for the chuckwalla is to protect it from its prey.

Lets compare adaptions

  • To inflate in a rock crevice so the predator can’t pull the animal out.
  • Tough feet so there is no pain when running on rocks

As you can see the most important adaption is making sure the animal does not get killed.

With what I learnt I am going to take the knowledge to high school. I learnt how to effectively share information across to my partner. I learnt that collaborating is always needed when working with a group no matter how old or tired.

Overall, my partner and I had ups and downs when completing our project but still managed to finish it in the end. We were collaborating and caring for each other when we didn’t understand a part or made a mistake.

My goal for next time would be, to try and encourage myself to step up and try and learn that little step more of information when doing a project.

Three interesting things I learn were

  • The chuckwallas diets is herbivorous meaning they only eat fruits, flowers and rarely small insects
  • Chuckwallas are mainly found in the warmer areas of the United States including California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. They are also found in the Northern portion of Mexico.
  • All the loose folds on the Chuckwallas skin help the animal when running away from predators by crawling into rock crevices. The chuckwalla will expand and blow up like a balloon making it very difficult for the predator to grab the animal out.

Two understandings

  • I now understand that the Chuckwallas habitat has to be at least 32 degree for the animals digestive system to be able to work
  • I now understand that the Chuckwallas key adaptations are life changing to the animal by helping the animal live. If the chuckwalla did not have the adaptation to be able to run on rocks, the animal would be in pain.

One wonder I still have.

  • I still wonder about the Chuckwallas breeding cycle. There was hardly any information about that topic but I would really like to find out more.


Goal- To connect with the audience.

You could never guess what happened on my birthday this year. it all started with my love for a band as a kid and my sister and best friend gifting me with an amazing gift. This band were my life dreams and more. They were so inspiring and enjoyable to watch. My guy best friend from high school that I am still friends with till this day knew a producer from the show. So the band performed in front of 20,000 people and then announced my name and to come up onto the stage. Then in the flash of lightning I saw my dreams coming true.

Weedy Seadragon BTN

 Weedy sea dragons were here 1000’s of years ago from today and once the are gone there gone. 15km from Sydney is weedy sea dragon territory. The sea dragons are native to Australia and can be found in the waters of the south and the east coast. They are related to sea horses and often float around in the water making them blend into kelp and sea weed. The problem is they are getting harder and harder to spot because they are so camouflage. You may think thats a good thing but it really isn’t. There used to be a way in population of them but there are getting less and less. Instead of finding every sea dragon and tagging it the are getting people to take pictures of them. Then the researchers are using some sort of face recognition to identify the facial details on them just like a finger print. Weedy sea dragons are classified near threaten but researchers think the information collected could make the endangered. Climate change could be a big part of he problem. Climate change would make the temperature in the water higher so it would kill the kelp, leaving the sea dragon homeless.

If there is no way to get them back what would the ocean be like?

How will other sea animals be impacted?

Blue questions

green understanding

red facts

Manchester Attack BTN


The well known pop singer Ariana Grande has had a terrorist attack at her concert in Manchester,UK. The incident had happened after the singer had finished performing. The singer wasn’t hurt but 22 people had passed away and dozens more were killed. The authorities say the attacker had died in the explosion but are still investigating. The British prime minster had suspended her election campaign for now. Lots of other countries (including Australia) had felt pretty heartfelt about the situation.  The investigates are also working with local and nation agencies.

What was the purpose of the terror attack?

Was there more than one person helping with the attack?

How did it benefit the person?

Green questions

blue understandings

red facts



Today I learnt about how adaptations change how animals live.

Penguins for example have waterproof feathers so they don’t stink in water, just like oil in water. Oil in water has an effect were the oil bubbles up so the water doesn’t touch it. Penguins’ flippers have adapted into making it easier for penguins to swim. Penguins’ nails also make it easier to move around in the ice by gripping into it. Penguins’ neck rotates around into a comfortable sleeping position. When they are sleeping they tuck their beaks in and close their eyes.

Crocodile’s adaptions make it easier to survive in the wild for example the camouflage. Crocodiles have the same colour skin compared to their natural habitat. Crocodiles have an only one whole chicken a week because they stay so still it doesn’t use much energy. The fish that live with the crocodile love it when the crocodile poos because the fish eat it (like a treat).

Cuddle fishes adaptations make them camouflage into almost anything. They can change into almost any design and colour. This helps them to survive if predators are hunting.



fast supper Gloucester cathedral  Recycling is a important thing to do to help this world we live in be a better place. This sculpture can be inspiring to others to start recycling newspaper by sharing something we commonly eat to make it relate able. Have you ever eaten a burger before? If you have you know that lots of people have ate them. Whenever you need to put something in the rubbish make sure to rethink what your putting in. Recycling bins are made to reuse rubbish unlike normal rubbish