Project Reflection

Project Refection

In this project I had achieved a lot I wanted to know about chuckwallas. I achieved collaboration work with my teammate and also worked on understanding the animal. The features the chuckwalla has helps it to survive in its environment like its tough feet to be able to walk on rocks. My teammate and I were learning about the animals key adaptions and learnt its features it needs to survive like its tail to scare away predators. We had to do a project including all the key adaptions the animal needs to survive in the dessert. On my rubric I had highlighted a lot of areas that my partner and I had archived. The overall level that I archived was the information report part of the project. We had everything archived and were happy with the results. We could have improved on the presentation part of the project considering I was absent the day before and was unable to practice. Our presentation could have been better but overall it was good for the trouble that had happened.

In this unit I had learnt lots about the chuckwalla through the internet’s sources. When making this project, the more you search the more you learn. The most important thing I have learn about the chuckwalla is that the most important adaption is for the chuckwalla is to protect it from its prey.

Lets compare adaptions

  • To inflate in a rock crevice so the predator can’t pull the animal out.
  • Tough feet so there is no pain when running on rocks

As you can see the most important adaption is making sure the animal does not get killed.

With what I learnt I am going to take the knowledge to high school. I learnt how to effectively share information across to my partner. I learnt that collaborating is always needed when working with a group no matter how old or tired.

Overall, my partner and I had ups and downs when completing our project but still managed to finish it in the end. We were collaborating and caring for each other when we didn’t understand a part or made a mistake.

My goal for next time would be, to try and encourage myself to step up and try and learn that little step more of information when doing a project.

Three interesting things I learn were

  • The chuckwallas diets is herbivorous meaning they only eat fruits, flowers and rarely small insects
  • Chuckwallas are mainly found in the warmer areas of the United States including California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. They are also found in the Northern portion of Mexico.
  • All the loose folds on the Chuckwallas skin help the animal when running away from predators by crawling into rock crevices. The chuckwalla will expand and blow up like a balloon making it very difficult for the predator to grab the animal out.

Two understandings

  • I now understand that the Chuckwallas habitat has to be at least 32 degree for the animals digestive system to be able to work
  • I now understand that the Chuckwallas key adaptations are life changing to the animal by helping the animal live. If the chuckwalla did not have the adaptation to be able to run on rocks, the animal would be in pain.

One wonder I still have.

  • I still wonder about the Chuckwallas breeding cycle. There was hardly any information about that topic but I would really like to find out more.



Today I learnt about how adaptations change how animals live.

Penguins for example have waterproof feathers so they don’t stink in water, just like oil in water. Oil in water has an effect were the oil bubbles up so the water doesn’t touch it. Penguins’ flippers have adapted into making it easier for penguins to swim. Penguins’ nails also make it easier to move around in the ice by gripping into it. Penguins’ neck rotates around into a comfortable sleeping position. When they are sleeping they tuck their beaks in and close their eyes.

Crocodile’s adaptions make it easier to survive in the wild for example the camouflage. Crocodiles have the same colour skin compared to their natural habitat. Crocodiles have an only one whole chicken a week because they stay so still it doesn’t use much energy. The fish that live with the crocodile love it when the crocodile poos because the fish eat it (like a treat).

Cuddle fishes adaptations make them camouflage into almost anything. They can change into almost any design and colour. This helps them to survive if predators are hunting.


History Video- Two convicts steal a place in history

Solders used to purposely get caught so they can become convicts. They believe convicts have it a lot easier because they have set times and agreed rates of pay.When the times change the punishment will get harder.Governor Darling set the punishment and made it a whole lot harder. Instead they had to do much more dirty work than what they were expecting.. Francis Falls, the the first chief justice of NSW. One of his jobs is to make sure that the laws are not unacceptable to the laws of England. Iron chains were what convicts called torture. You could hardly stand or even walk properly. Convicts stomachs bloat and arms swell. When the convicts got like that they have to go to the hospital where they get taken off. That convict had die five days later. How would have that convict survived if he hadn’t died? How would hes family know that he died?




BTN- First Fleet/ The encounter

People in England did jobs that were very hard like chimney sweeping . People didn’t get payed as much as we do now so they were forced to steal to survive. They would steal clothes and sell them to get money to buy food. But stealing in though’s times had a harsh consequence. It would be to go behind bars. England put heaps of people behind bars but the convicts had no choice they were young, poor and hungry. England’s population was expanding and the mass poverty had risen heaps. England’s laws were really really harsh for example you could land a death sentence just for stealing a apple,apron etc. the jails were getting so full and they just couldn’t kill everyone. Britain’s colonies were Africa and America where they sent criminals. But when America rose up hat was no longer an option. the government looked to a new land of New Holland and a place called new south wales which was found by Captain Cook in 1770. Eleven ships were prepared to go to New South Wales.

Six ships would transport convicts. Those ship names were-




Prince Of Wales

Lady Bryn


Two navy ships called-

HMS Sirius

HMS Supply

Three ships full of supply’s to build a new colony . Thoses ship were called-

Golden Crove

Fish Burn


Captain Arthur Phillip was chosen to lead the colony. But the convicts weren’t so hopeful. More than 700 people were on the crowded ships. Including 17 children. Many were sick when they boarded. Around 20 people wouldn’t survive the journey. The ships sailed from Portsworth in England on May 13th 1787. On August 5th they arrived in Rio De Janeiro and took food and water. Then sailed to Cape of Good Hope in Africa. On January 19th the first ship arrived at Botany Bay. Seven days later the ships found a place to anchor and the leader Arthur Phillip planted his British flag in a place he called Sydney cove. The land had been the home of aboriginal people for tens of thousands of years but the convicts in was new. The the aboriginal people they were called “The Ghost People”.

how long was the longest sentence?

Did people that go to tell there parents?

What did there parents do when they left?




Dear Libby

Hi Libby,

My name is Charli and I have been at this school for seven years. I have had great teachers who have taught me lots of useful things. I have a sister that is also at the school and her name is Cleo. She enjoys sport as much as I do but we don’t like the same sports. She enjoys gymnastics and acrobatics which she does outside of school. I enjoy playing netball which I also play outside of school. My mum does help me a lot with netball from her past experiences of playing for Victoria in her teen days.

My holiday wasn’t as spectacular as some other holidays but it was enjoyable. My holidays consist of dog walking along the beach, watching Netflix and swimming. In my past times I do enjoy playing sports as well as playing with my cute fluffy dog named toy. He is a Jack Russell x Poodle and I care about him so much. We love having naps with each other and watching Netflix together when I either have a fight with my sister or have no one to talk to or just watch it for fun.

I really enjoy animals and do wish to be a vet when I am older. My favourite animals are giraffes but I use to have lots of pets. I have had 8 pets in total. 4 turtles that got really old so we had to sell them, 2 birds which escaped there cage and flew away, 1 fish that got flushed down the sink because we were cleaning out the tank and put him in a cup then mum didn’t know and poured him down the drain. 1 hamster that lives in the front yard which toy(my dog) love to chase. Yep I know that’s a lot of pets.

So I hope you learnt a lot about me and I do look forward to getting to know you

Goal refection

i would like to learn more about the history about coding, past and present of how it has change. because today’s lesson was more present than past. It had explained modern day uses of coding, such as using websites to learn about.

Confuses or excits

The website that we had used was great fun and taught me quite a lot about beginner coding. At one stage I did get confused when they had put brackets in.  At one point i didn’t understand it but the website had told what it was for because that was a lot more useful than just guessing what it meant. A great part about the game was there was goals. The goals had made the game have a purpose, it also made the game fun.

Mpps could improve learning about coding by making year levels 3-5 learn about coding. Because today I learnt a little bit about coding but if I had started coding early I would have had more knowledge about it now

cyberscams lesson

They use emojis for most passwords.

Scams can happen to anyone, rich or poor.

hackers send chain mail so that you can send it to your friends and once that has happened your friends will also get hacked.

Improve passwords by using emojis

make sure not to sign up to scam sites

They could see if someone was writing bad things and they said it nicely.

goals semester 2



I would like to get better at comparing data in math as well as science. I would like to get better at taking notes on my reading that will help me create a reflection or summary easily and higher quality  so it can help me remember the lesson and what I have learnt I would like to get better at my vocabulary.


In math I have been able to compare data when I have been graphing In literacy I have been able to take notes on my reading that can help me with my reading reflection throughout this semester. I have also been taking notes on lessons in math, science, literacy and history to help me make a good quality goal reflection. When reading I have been getting out a dictionary and searching up what the word means and putting it in my reading journal

Future  goals

In year six I would like to get better at being able to know how to make good structures for writing and being able to confidently use them and add more detail and higher vocabulary in my writing. In math I would like to get better a long division and just division itself. In literacy I would like to not skip simple words which leads to mistakes. I would also like to make my writing not swap from 1st person to 3rd person.

SpaceX’s plan to colonize Mars, explained RECOUNT

You will need a space ship that will carry 100 passengers and 450 cargoes to mars.

The spaceship will be launched into the earths orbit by a massive rocket launcher powered by 42 raptor engines. it may take 3-5 propellant tanks to fully fuel the spaceships trip. Once it lands on mars the entire thing lands its engine to lower it self down to the ground. the spaceship will go back to mars by its power on mars. Thats why spaceX is using methane because it can be made from the carbon dioxide in the planets atmosphere or possible subsurface water. That saves spaceX from bring the return fuel for the trip beforehand. Mars is kind of like living in Antarctica but worst. At least in Antarctica you can breathe but on mars you cant.

how will they find out a way to be able to breathe on mars?

How long does it take to get to mars?