Do you ever have bad memories from the back of your head? Do they repeat in your head whenever you do something wrong? Whenever you make a mistake bad self-talk happen? All those things happen to me. My name is Kiana Violet, I go to the standard high school in Orlando, Florida. My best friend Paris and I have already had a terrible experience with high school and its only my first week. On the second day of school, Paris and I both thought it would be a good idea to try out for the cheer team. Oh boy were we wrong. We walked in, took our seats and waited for instructions. We all had to get up in front of the whole cheer team plus other people who were watching and do a mini chorography. Out of everyone I’m the one who had to slipt my pants I was humiliated. I ran off crying with my best friends ahnd by

val speech

Fellow students, family and friends, welcome. We never thought this day would come and now that it’s here I’m sorry it is because it means leaving friends who inspire us and teachers who’ve been our mentors, so many people who’ve shaped my life and my fellow students’ lives.

Now as we finish a chapter of our lives we can now head on to more learning, making even more friends and getting ready to plan our lives and careers

Tonight we are here to celebrate the years we have spent at Moonee Ponds Primary School. No matter if you started in prep or came at the start of this year everyone has made amazing memories that will be treasured for the rest of our lives.

Who could forget the long bus rides to camp and the concerts at the clock tower every second year. Just the simple memories are honestly the best memories.

All those dumb moments with my friends I will never regret because sooner or later you have to learn from your mistakes. For the seven years I have been at this school I have learnt that making mistakes is the best way to learn.

I still remember my first day at this school. I remember walking into the front gate of the building holding my mums hand on my right and dads hand on my left. My feelings were more excited than nervous. Now as I will have my first day of high school I will be having the same feelings as I did seven years ago.

When we started school I know for a fact that most of us weren’t as mature as we are to this day. Our school has helped us grow as mature young adults that one day may be able to change the world for the better.

In prep, I remember my buddy being double my size. I used to think she was so tall almost like a giant. My buddy was someone I wanted to be when I was in year six. I hope that I can be a role model to my buddy just like my buddy was to me.
Looking back at the amazing time I have had at this school has made me realise how much I have learnt. The thing I have learnt the most at this school is leadership. From the sepep program that the year five s run to house captains. There are so many opportunies for leadership at this school

Primary school has been a roller coaster without a doubt. There have been many fights with my best friend over the dumbest things ever. But at the end of the day I still call Tiana my best friend. We may be going to different high schools but nothing gets in the way of friendship.

I would like to thank my all my friends for making my school experience a lot amusing, enjoyable entertaining and for literally being the funniest people ever

I would like to thank all my teachers for expanding my knowledge everyday

And I would like to thank My physical education teacher, Italian and performing arts teachers for teaching me sport Italian art and drama


I would like to finish my speech with a quote from Taylor Alesia Compton

Work ambitious. Keep your priorities straight, your mind right and your head up. Do well, live well. Do what you love and love what you do. Start living.

Thank you for your time and attention

I successfully archive a majority of my future goals. I archived setting new goals weekly. Even if I didn’t write them down on a piece of paper I would still mentally know it in my head throughout the week. In literacy circles I have archived my goal to read different genres of books which helped me chose a bigger variety of books. This term we haven’t done enough reciprocal teaching for me to be able to understand all the steps better. I also only have a few times tables left to complete.

I would like to finish the few times tables I don’t know and get a little more fluent when answering them. I would also like to make more friends and get into clubs to get more social. Another goal I have is to clearly have everything organised in my locker so I can go from class to class. I will also make sure I can understand my note taking.


2017 has been a great year. Full of great memories, friends and laughs. The first day of school was completely different to what I imagined. It was the first day of being the big kids of the school, the leaders and the responsible, mature ids that this school has taught us to be.

Our first major activity of 2017 was camp. We took a 3 and a half hour drive to Cape Bridgewater. All our activities we had done for the past five days were sea related activities. Surfing, snorkelling and abseiling were just to name a few daytime activities. Night time activities consisted off of the talent show, a campfire and a movie night.

Our first excursion was the aquarium. We went on this excursion because our topic project was animals’ adaptations. We learn a fair bit about animals’ adaptations and my friends and I had a great time.

A few days after that the teachers would have chosen a partner for you to do a project with. Lucky for me I got one of my friends Declan. Even though he was my friend we still managed to put our laughs to the side and actually do some work. Our criteria was to choose a dessert animal. We chose a chuckwalla. None of the 5/6s had chosen this animal so we thought it would be a good idea.

Later on we started our buddies program. Our first session of buddies was a get to know your buddy session. We had also recently went on a buddy excursion to Coburg lake reserve. It was super-hot which the little buddies could hardly bare. Especially my buddy Zoe, my buddy has tiny legs compared to me which meant she needed more energy to walk. Also my buddy was wearing a long sleeve top.

Throughout the whole year we have been doing some sort of sport. We started off with gala sport. I chose to do volleyball. We spent two days of school playing rounds of volleyball with other year 5/6s from local schools. I made a few new friends


Defining problem & solution

In term four we have experimenting with makey makey and scratch. Our goal was to use a problem from the world and try to solve it. Juliet and I decided to get a problem in our classroom and try to solve it. Our old student teacher Maggie had sorted out our maths equipment into shelves. Juliet and I knew that we use our math equipment a lot but the items do go missing quite frequently. We thought it would be a good idea to find a way to make sure people remember to put the items back. This would benefit our class by having more equipment to be able to learn better and easier.

Plan & generate

When we had first started our planning we originally thought that putting copper tape on the shelf and somehow it would connect to the makey makey to realise the message. When we put it to the test it somehow failed. I believe it was either the plastic tub doesn’t conduct or the circuit wasn’t working. What we decided to do was talk to Ant about what our options could be for it to be able to work. He gave us the idea that having a flicker to set the message on and off which we later on decided to do. We had tried several things to use as our flicker. We first tried cardboard which didn’t work because the alligator clip weighted the cardboard down. Then we tried a wooden peg. We poked a hole through it with a pin. This technique didn’t work either because the peg was way too little for the tub to actually reach it. We also tried the thin plastic from an ice-cream tub. We cut it out and stuck a pin though it and the alligator clip also weighed the plastic down. Finally we went to the prep room and got some sort of plastic toy. This is what our overall project looks like (minus the alligator clip)

Create & produce

Overall all our coding had worked when we connected our makey makey to scratch to our project.  Before we even started getting a makey makey we wanted to know what all our coding would be. Our coding was super simple. It was just when the earth clip touches the space clip it senses the message. We also made sure we used google translates voice to make sure that the voice was loud and clear. Our feedback we had gotten was to make the flicker stronger. That feedback we got we had taken into consideration and it had made the flicker 100% stronger with that plastic toy.


When we had tested our project with people. They were confused about how you were meant to pull it out but other than that the message worked when the tub got pulled out. Everything had worked great in the end but at the start was another story. At the start our coding was all great but people were real confused about what they were meant to do. Because we were told not to tell the people what to do we would just say “could you please give me a dice” or “we need you to carry the box of dice over to that table”. Half of the time they would either just lift the tub right over the flicker or pull the tub diagonally.


Juliet and I had definitely shared role equally and fairly. No one in our project had to do more than the other. Overall we archived our goal and actually completed the project after all of our failed attempts. We succeeded and

lit circles

Text to self

I once ate something so gross that I had to eat to be able to do something which I can’t remember

I was at a restaurant so there was tomato sauce and I drowned it in tomato sauce and ate it

Text to world

Some people in Africa have to eat food without any sauces or getting cooked which I think the boys should be grateful that there actually eating

Text to text

I have read absolutely no books even close to this one but a movie I have seen that’s the closest to this is Ramona and beezus

Romona is the little sister that keeps annoying Beezus into doing terrible troublesome things


A school called Aberfoyle Park Highschool have a workshop twice a week at lunch time which they do coding. They work as a team to design games that are entertaining and challenging. Once they are happy enough with there work they give there work to a teacher who sends it though an App Store. Aberfoyle Park Highschool is the first school in the country to be registered as a developer under there own name. The school has currently got 7 games registred through the App Store. The skills they use in the games can help them get a great job in the future. Coding is becoming a important aspect in the future. I understand coding can give help you get a job with a financial balance.
Is coding going to become harder as the years go on?
How will coding effect our live in the future?






It was 1908 when the widows came out to play.

The man next door ignored the knock at the door and decided to go back to sleep

That was the wrong decision

The widow got more angry as she knocked harder and harder

The man ignored it

Later that night that man went missing. People sent flyers around the town but he was never found

Still to this day he was known as “the widow man” and was never found. No one had ever seen him or heard from him again.


My friend Tom and I went trick or treating with out our parents knowing. At the end of the night I was going to be having a sleep over with Tom. Once we got to Tom’s house get dropped our bags of candy. “If my parents knew that we went trick or treating they are going to kill us” Tom said to me. “But where would we hide it all?” I replied back to him. We both ran up stairs with bags full of candy to find Toms mother waiting at the top.


October 31st was the day my family and I celebrated Halloween. We all walked together as a family throughout the neighborhood collecting candy from white and grey houses. When we finally got home there were flames of candy everywhere. It was like you could just go swimming in the amount of candy there was. “Tomorrow I will bring some candy in at school for my friends and I to share at recess and lunch” I said to Mum. “I think so too” she said. We both laughed and started unwrapping a chocolate bar each to eat.