Defining problem & solution

In term four we have experimenting with makey makey and scratch. Our goal was to use a problem from the world and try to solve it. Juliet and I decided to get a problem in our classroom and try to solve it. Our old student teacher Maggie had sorted out our maths equipment into shelves. Juliet and I knew that we use our math equipment a lot but the items do go missing quite frequently. We thought it would be a good idea to find a way to make sure people remember to put the items back. This would benefit our class by having more equipment to be able to learn better and easier.

Plan & generate

When we had first started our planning we originally thought that putting copper tape on the shelf and somehow it would connect to the makey makey to realise the message. When we put it to the test it somehow failed. I believe it was either the plastic tub doesn’t conduct or the circuit wasn’t working. What we decided to do was talk to Ant about what our options could be for it to be able to work. He gave us the idea that having a flicker to set the message on and off which we later on decided to do. We had tried several things to use as our flicker. We first tried cardboard which didn’t work because the alligator clip weighted the cardboard down. Then we tried a wooden peg. We poked a hole through it with a pin. This technique didn’t work either because the peg was way too little for the tub to actually reach it. We also tried the thin plastic from an ice-cream tub. We cut it out and stuck a pin though it and the alligator clip also weighed the plastic down. Finally we went to the prep room and got some sort of plastic toy. This is what our overall project looks like (minus the alligator clip)

Create & produce

Overall all our coding had worked when we connected our makey makey to scratch to our project.  Before we even started getting a makey makey we wanted to know what all our coding would be. Our coding was super simple. It was just when the earth clip touches the space clip it senses the message. We also made sure we used google translates voice to make sure that the voice was loud and clear. Our feedback we had gotten was to make the flicker stronger. That feedback we got we had taken into consideration and it had made the flicker 100% stronger with that plastic toy.


When we had tested our project with people. They were confused about how you were meant to pull it out but other than that the message worked when the tub got pulled out. Everything had worked great in the end but at the start was another story. At the start our coding was all great but people were real confused about what they were meant to do. Because we were told not to tell the people what to do we would just say “could you please give me a dice” or “we need you to carry the box of dice over to that table”. Half of the time they would either just lift the tub right over the flicker or pull the tub diagonally.


Juliet and I had definitely shared role equally and fairly. No one in our project had to do more than the other. Overall we archived our goal and actually completed the project after all of our failed attempts. We succeeded and

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