2017 has been a great year. Full of great memories, friends and laughs. The first day of school was completely different to what I imagined. It was the first day of being the big kids of the school, the leaders and the responsible, mature ids that this school has taught us to be.

Our first major activity of 2017 was camp. We took a 3 and a half hour drive to Cape Bridgewater. All our activities we had done for the past five days were sea related activities. Surfing, snorkelling and abseiling were just to name a few daytime activities. Night time activities consisted off of the talent show, a campfire and a movie night.

Our first excursion was the aquarium. We went on this excursion because our topic project was animals’ adaptations. We learn a fair bit about animals’ adaptations and my friends and I had a great time.

A few days after that the teachers would have chosen a partner for you to do a project with. Lucky for me I got one of my friends Declan. Even though he was my friend we still managed to put our laughs to the side and actually do some work. Our criteria was to choose a dessert animal. We chose a chuckwalla. None of the 5/6s had chosen this animal so we thought it would be a good idea.

Later on we started our buddies program. Our first session of buddies was a get to know your buddy session. We had also recently went on a buddy excursion to Coburg lake reserve. It was super-hot which the little buddies could hardly bare. Especially my buddy Zoe, my buddy has tiny legs compared to me which meant she needed more energy to walk. Also my buddy was wearing a long sleeve top.

Throughout the whole year we have been doing some sort of sport. We started off with gala sport. I chose to do volleyball. We spent two days of school playing rounds of volleyball with other year 5/6s from local schools. I made a few new friends

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