lit circles

Text to self

I once ate something so gross that I had to eat to be able to do something which I can’t remember

I was at a restaurant so there was tomato sauce and I drowned it in tomato sauce and ate it

Text to world

Some people in Africa have to eat food without any sauces or getting cooked which I think the boys should be grateful that there actually eating

Text to text

I have read absolutely no books even close to this one but a movie I have seen that’s the closest to this is Ramona and beezus

Romona is the little sister that keeps annoying Beezus into doing terrible troublesome things


A school called Aberfoyle Park Highschool have a workshop twice a week at lunch time which they do coding. They work as a team to design games that are entertaining and challenging. Once they are happy enough with there work they give there work to a teacher who sends it though an App Store. Aberfoyle Park Highschool is the first school in the country to be registered as a developer under there own name. The school has currently got 7 games registred through the App Store. The skills they use in the games can help them get a great job in the future. Coding is becoming a important aspect in the future. I understand coding can give help you get a job with a financial balance.
Is coding going to become harder as the years go on?
How will coding effect our live in the future?






It was 1908 when the widows came out to play.

The man next door ignored the knock at the door and decided to go back to sleep

That was the wrong decision

The widow got more angry as she knocked harder and harder

The man ignored it

Later that night that man went missing. People sent flyers around the town but he was never found

Still to this day he was known as “the widow man” and was never found. No one had ever seen him or heard from him again.


My friend Tom and I went trick or treating with out our parents knowing. At the end of the night I was going to be having a sleep over with Tom. Once we got to Tom’s house get dropped our bags of candy. “If my parents knew that we went trick or treating they are going to kill us” Tom said to me. “But where would we hide it all?” I replied back to him. We both ran up stairs with bags full of candy to find Toms mother waiting at the top.


October 31st was the day my family and I celebrated Halloween. We all walked together as a family throughout the neighborhood collecting candy from white and grey houses. When we finally got home there were flames of candy everywhere. It was like you could just go swimming in the amount of candy there was. “Tomorrow I will bring some candy in at school for my friends and I to share at recess and lunch” I said to Mum. “I think so too” she said. We both laughed and started unwrapping a chocolate bar each to eat.