Electricity Reflection


There is a large candle lit chamber with two hanging seats below attached with a silk rope attached. This device was generating static electricity. The man placed some gold leaf in front of him. He then generated electricity and charged the boy through a connecting rod. The man lies across the two swings and stretches his hands out to a plate of gold leaf on the floor. Gold leaf, even feathers, leapt to the boy’s fingers. Electricity could move from the machine to the boy’s body through to his hands. But the silk rope stopped it. The electricity could flow through some things like the boys hands but not travel through the silk rope.

There are two types of substances 

Insulators and conductors.

Insulators held electric charge within them and wouldn’t let it move, like the silk. Conductors allow electricity to flow through them, like metals.

Why does electricity effect our everyday lives so much?

How would people live without electricity?

Who invented electricity?


Mud was everywhere. On one crisp, cold and rainy day. Two schools were playing footy against each other. As the whistle blew for half time the score were tied. The players had their drink break and discussed their tactics. The boys got into their positions to start the next quarter. When the whistle blew is when the boys realized that they had to step up their game because of all the slippery mud making them fall over every minute. When the game had finished all you could see was giant foot marks in the mud and still tied scores.


I walked on stage with my instrument on my shoulder. I sat down in my chair and stared at my given music. Then suddenly it went dark. Just before I started playing I saw glances of light coming from peoples phones. I lifted my bow from off the ground and started reading my music from left to right. As I was playing I heard little whispers coming from both sides o the audience. It didn’t bother to much so I just kept on playing. As soon as I finished I bowed to the audience and got off the stage.