Have you ever felt like you just wanted to go amoflauge through a wall. Well on November 3rd I did. It all started off with my dog. All i wanted to do was walk my dog and have a simple scroll through the neighborhood but all of a sudden I wasn’t walking anything. There was no dog what so ever. The only dog there  was, was the one on the road laying flat. After he was ran over. It was my responsibility to keep him safe but I didn’t. If i could have changed that moment for the last minute could have been different.

One thought on “100WC

  1. I really enjoyed the start of this piece Charli. You drew me, as the reader, in, so I wanted to read on and find out what would happen. I got a little confused in the second half – I’ll have to get you to explain it to me! Keep an eye on your spelling too.

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